Let Us Eat Cake

Blonduos is the closest town to Helga’s farm. The small town sits where the mouth of the river Blanda meets the bay of Huna (Húnaflói). In the summer, the river sparkles blindingly as if flows over the catchments and empties into the deep cobalt blue of Húnaflói. Huna means young bear. The area is named … More Let Us Eat Cake

My Iceland Thing

I have recently returned from Iceland and am at a party, looking for someone to talk to. This is a deluxe party with a DJ, a pizza truck, a crepe stand—I’ve heard oysters and lobsters will be coming out soon. Waiters circulate with trays of Mojitos. I lunge for it, I’m thirsty. This lawn party … More My Iceland Thing

Horse Lessons

  As much as I talk and write about horses, I’m not much of a rider. I can’t claim the crown of being a horsewoman. I ride too infrequently and never get to know one horse long enough to really learn to speak horse. This has left me a perpetual beginner and an eternal learner … More Horse Lessons