Let Us Eat Cake

Blonduos is the closest town to Helga’s farm. The small town sits where the mouth of the river Blanda meets the bay of Huna (Húnaflói). In the summer, the river sparkles blindingly as if flows over the catchments and empties into the deep cobalt blue of Húnaflói. Huna means young bear. The area is named … More Let Us Eat Cake

Me and My Plokkfiskur

Plokkfiskur—not a pretty word, not as fun to say as fiskeboller, but it is easy to make and very satisfying to eat. A classic Icelandic dish, it translates as fish stew, but it’s not a stew in the traditional sense.  I ordered it on my very first trip to Reykjavik at a restaurant on Austurstraeti. This … More Me and My Plokkfiskur