The Herd (women)

Women on the Verge of Hunafloi

Cast of Characters

The regulars: Kathryn, Esther, Bev, Alison, me.

Cameo appearances (those who traveled with us less frequently):

Beth T. (a therapeutic horse trainer and Esther’s BFF)

Beth B. (latest newcomer)

Beth K. (horsewoman and skydiver)

Lena, young Swedish woman (who could, at a full canter, hang off her saddle and film us)

Young Hil (3x traveler, promising horsewoman, avid shopper)

Robin (therapeutic horse trainer and former voiceover for BMW ads)

Em (aspiring filmmaker)

Em’s mother, whom we dubbed “The Pilgrim” (she didn’t mind)

And then there’s: She-who-must-not-be-named

Teenagers the first year:

Chris (future veterinarian, the daughter of an old friend of Kat’s)

Autumn and Evie (Kat’s nieces who, along with me, discovered the ghosts in the guesthouse)

Mary (Kat’s sister)

Betty (horsewoman, Old Norse enthusiast, and the only person with us who could passably speak Icelandic)


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